In the same way that we own and use an instruction manual for any device, why shouldn’t we fully learn how our body works to stay healthy or heal?

I will accompany you for 21 days to acquire healthy habits and understand your body. We will do a lymphatic cleansing through nutritional recommendations, massages and physical and emotional cleansing exercises.This detox is not just a diet that will make you lose weight, it is a learning experience about your body, your intuition and the tools to empower yourself.The program is flexible. The diet is not restrictive or limiting in your social life. Instead, it will save you time in the kitchen while you enjoy eating. There are several intensities in which you can fluctuate. Although spring, summer and autumn is perfect time for this detox, you can also decide to do it at your convenience. The knowledge and results that you will get are forever.

Who will accompany me in this process?
Me, Núria Brucart. I am a body therapist, teacher and actress.  I traveled around seeking a solution to my digestive issues. Nevertheless, I realized that the solution I was looking for was within me.  In this detox you will learn to take charge of your own health and finding your inner wisdom. A private group will be created to be able to share the experience, support each other, answer questions, learn exercises, …If you need to have one to one talk with me there will be a 30’ one to one talk with each one of you.

How long will it last?
21 days.

How are the meetings for questions and content?
There will be 6 group meetings during the cleanse.  Three for content and 3 for practical exercises. And optionally one to one 30’ meeting in case you need a private talk.

What if I can’t attend the meetings?
Everything will be recorded so you can watch it when it suits you.