Nuria has a long-standing training in Acting, Dance, Body Therapy. Her constant interest to explore and understand body language lead her to study and work with different techniques. The combination of these elements has led her to create her own unique methodology: 2Connect.

2Connect is a therapeutic work based on dance, movement and expression in order to improve the physical, emotional and mental health. This methodology has been developed over 20 years of experience helping people to understand their bodies. Today Núria offers different sort of therapeutic sessions to achieve specific goals:

  • Dance2Connect, with dance and music, we work in a group on the foundations of oneself (security, self love,…) and the relation with others (love, communication,…).
  • Tango2Connect or Kizomba2Connect, heart to heart and through the healing embrace of the Tango or the Kizomba, we work in couples to establish a deep connection with the partner.
  • Body Therapy, to work individually on specific issues.

In a playful and fun way this work has a profound impact, not only on the way to face life, but also on the relationships with others and the world.

She concludes: “Dance is therapeutic because when we move emotions, feelings, beliefs, desires, and memories flow… so the movement is a source of inner change and emotional cleansing. It heals emotionally, physically and on a mental level.(…) Through this work I have had the pleasure of witnessing changes in wellness, happiness, security and self-love…”

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