Major Professional Experience

2010-17 Teaching and performances of Argentine Tango, Spain and US

2015-2017 Dance2Connect, Spain and USA.

Since 2015 Founder and organizer of Encuentro de Tango de Cadaqués

2014 Urbantango. Dir.Manuela Lorente.

2014 Pictotango Cl. Hoffmann & N. Brucart. Touring Festival.

1998-2015 International Tango Festival of Sitges. General Coordinator of the classes.

1998-99 Teacher of Latin dances at the Institute for Social and International Studies at Portland State University.

1998 Worked in Habana with Cuban actors and dancers to create a multicultural performance toured in Catalonia.

Training in Dance and Expression

2015-2016 Seitai Training- Katsugen Undo.
2013-2015 Degree in Body Therapy. Gestalt Institute, Barcelona.
2014- Zumba Instructor.
2000-2005 Bellydance, Devorah, Barcelona.
1998 Argentine Tango
1996 Latin dances, Cuba
1995 Ballroom, Barcelona.
1993 Alexander & Contact Improvisation Technique with Lucia Walker and Steve Batts, Amsterdam.
1991-94 Contemporary Dance. Institut del Teatre , Barcelona.
1973-1983 Classical and Modern Dance, Montserrat Barver, Manresa.
1975-1985 Ballet, Ballet school Olga Roig.